Visiting ATs

Instructions for Visiting ATs

If you are an visiting AT wishing to gain access to important health and safety documents from the school you will be visiting, please follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to PASS using your NATA log in. 
  • Visit the NATA PASS School Directory (link below) and navigate to the school that you will be traveling to. 
  • Click the "Request Access" button from the school profile page. The home AT will be notified and can grant access to pertinent documents. 

School Directory


Instructions for Home ATs

If you are the home AT hosting a visiting team at your facility and would like to provide documents for the visiting AT to review in advance, please follow the instructions below. 

To Upload Shared Documents

  • Log into PASS using your NATA log in.
  • Navigate to the appropriate school under "My Account."
  • Click "Files" from the top menu.
  • Add all files you would like to share with a visiting AT in this area. 
  • Note: Documents uploaded to the standards and sections area of PASS are not visible for the visiting AT. 

To Approve Visiting AT Access Requests 

  • The administrator for the school in PASS will receive email notification when someone requests visiting AT access to your school. Click on the link to approve visiting AT access. 
  • Note: visiting ATs cannot see your assessment or any documents uploaded related to the completion of PASS. Visiting ATs will only have access to the files you upload and share with them through the instructions above. 
  • You can see the list of PASS members for your school (including visiting ATs) under the "Members" section of your school profile.