Logging In

Do I need to be an NATA Member to use PASS?

Only athletic trainers who are members of NATA may gain access to PASS. School athletic directors and team physicians may be invited to access profiles for the schools that they are affiliated with as part of the athletic health care team. 

I am not an NATA member, but would like access. How do I apply?

Complete the non-member request application found on pass.nata.org. Once filled out, you should receive a response in 48 hours.

Completing PASS

Should I read the entire AMCS document before attempting to complete PASS? 

Yes, it is strongly recommended that you read the document before beginning PASS.  Important definitions, rational, annotations, case law examples, resources and references are available in the document.  Not doing so would be like attempting to run a marathon without doing any prior training. Download and review the AMCS (ADD LINK). 

My school information is incorrect, how do I update it?

If there is incorrect information about your school in the PASS School Directory, please use the "Contact Us" button at the top and send us a detailed message. We will do our best to identify any errors or wrong information and rectify the situation quickly.

When specifying the number of athletes we provide care to, do I include the middle school athletes that we provide medical assistance or just high school?


How do I know if an AT is full-time or part-time according to PASS?  

PASS uses the same standards as the NATA KSI Athletic Training Location and Services (ATLAS) research definition. A full-time AT must work at least 30 hours per week and 10 months per year; anything less than that is considered part-time, regardless of who pays you.

How do I add co-ed sports?

You cannot add co-ed sports, but you can specify the sport for both boys and girls teams in the athletics information in your organization's dashboard. 

How may I fill in evidence of compliance per standard/section?

From your profile page

Once you are logged in and have permission to enter standards, the list of standards and sections will show as the front tab on your account dashboard. You may enter your evidence for each section there.

From the standards

Once you are logged in, the Review Standards page will also display buttons for adding and editing evidence, such that you may review the complete standard as you enter information.

How may I enter information about myself and my organization?

On your profile page, click the "edit" tab, and you may enter your personal and organization information there.

If a document serves as evidence for multiple sub standards, must I post the document each time?

Yes, you must upload the document to each substandard that is applies to. 

Can a standard be considered implemented but not verified by some sort of written document? Will an explanation in the space provided on the form suffice?

Verification is in the form of an attached document, one that is prepared by the QMP and other members of the AHCT of the organization.  Photos and pictures should never be used in place of a document.

What is PASS?

The NATA Program Assessment for Safety in Sport (PASS) is an online toolkit designed to assist secondary schools and youth sport organizations in the review and adherence of the standards outlined in the NATA Appropriate Medical Care Standards for Organizations Sponsoring Athletic Activity for the Secondary School Age Athlete (AMCS) statement. 

This tool should guide the development or improvement of athletic health care programs. PASS includes self-assessment checklists to evaluate the program on each of the standards and sub-standards and links to relevant literature and resources, including case law. Users can create a profile for their organization in which site-specific documents and polices may be uploaded, creating a repository for the organization. Resources will updated continually as they are identified or developed which will help the user align themselves to current best practices.  

Users are provided with a report based on their current adherence to recommended policies outlined in the AMCS. These reports allow comparison to state, regional and national data. 

How do I "verify" a substandard that does not require a written document?

All verification is done through documentation and attaching said documents to the appropriate standards.

Why was PASS created?

PASS was developed to assist organizations understand what encompasses appropriate medical care, assess their implementation status for each standard, and outline areas of improvement for the health and safety of their athletes. 

How long will it take me to complete PASS?

There is a large amount of information that needs to be completed in this assessment. The process could take up to 12 months, completing 1 standard per month.

Sharing Information

Can my AD, Principal or Team Physician gain access to see our school account? Can they edit our account information?

Yes, non-members (such as a school AD, principal or team physician) are able to register for a PASS account and request access to a school through the school directory. Their ability to view, edit or add information depends on the level of access granted by the school account administrator. 

How do I know if someone has requested access to my school?

Users will receive an email if another PASS user has requested access to your school. From the email, you will follow a link that will allow you to approve various levels of access including 30-day visitor access, no time restrictions visitor access or report access. 

Can another school allow me to see their account?

Yes, visiting ATs are able to request temporary, read-only access to key information of another school, such as the emergency action plan. 

Who should I give access to my PASS information?

Ideally, your school administrator, athletic director, all athletic trainers and team physician will have some degree of access to PASS. 

As a supervisor, will I be able to monitor the PASS entries of my employees and schools that our company partners with?

Yes, you will be able to see what standards they have completed.


Is there an efficient way to share results with my staff and key decision makers?

Yes, you will be able to print out the completed PASS in its entirety when you are done.  You will be able to have other staff ATs and one Administrator on PASS with you.  If you are hired by a clinic/hospital you will also be able to include your direct supervisor on PASS.

Who will have access to my information?

There are three levels of access in PASS: 

  • Administrator: able to view, add and edit information for school. 
  • May enter compliance information: able to view and add information for school. 
  • View only: read only access for a limited period of time (one-week). 

Users must have been assigned one of these levels of access before they are able to see any information related to that school. The general public or non-assigned users will not be able to see your organization's assessment, documentation or information. 

Appropriate Medical Care Standards (AMCS)

In the absence of a QMP who is qualified to make return to play decisions? 

Return to play decisions differ from state to state and by injury type, please check with your state law for clarification.

In the absence of a QMP, who is qualified to document and record athlete health care records?

Patient documentation is dependent upon the legal opinion of your school or organization. All employees should document any injuries occurring to minors while under their supervision.

Should secondary schools or youth sports organizations have an emergency action plan for athletic facilities in the case of a catastrophic event such as a mass shooting?

Unfortunately, this is something that schools and youth sports organizations should plan and be prepared for. 

In the absence of a QMP, who is qualified to apply taping, wrapping and bracing procedures to athletes?

This is dependent upon state law.  Please check with your state athletic trainers' association and/or State Board of Athletic Training.

Does my school or organization have any liability if we cannot provide documentation related to the implementation of the AMCS standards?

No, this is merely a tool for the school or organization to identify and develop guidelines for the provisions of appropriate medical care.

PASS Results

Will PASS give me an overall score for the care my school provides?

No, PASS simply provides a percentage of the implementation of recommended standards for the school. This number can be benchmarked to your state and district once minimum thresholds (25% of secondary schools participated) have been met. 

Will PASS give me a score for each individual section? 

It will give you a number of fully implemented sub standards you have for that standard.


Is there a way for me to request a mentor who can help me with PASS or other areas?

To request a mentor, click the “Request a Mentor” link in the menu.  Mentors have been identified in your area and can assist you as you identify areas of need in PASS and in your practice.